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Statistics is the practice of analyzing and collecting numerical data in large quantities. It is the study of the interpretation, analysis, presentation and organization of data. It can also be defined as classified facts representing the situations of a people in a state- especially the facts that can be stated in numbers or any other classified or tabular form. There are two main statistical methods which are used in data analysis one is descriptive statistics which are used to describe the simple features of the data in a study. It provides a simple synopsis about the measures and the sample. Another one is inferential statistics which are used to try to infer from the sample data what the population might think. The field of statistics is the science of learning from collective data. It plays an important role in a great number of various fields. Different types of business activities can be completed by including marketing of the product and estimating what profit will be on a new product or deciding a new location. It plays a key role in mathematics considering it’s a division of applied mathematics. Uses and importance of statistics can be applied in various fields as diverse as mathematics, agriculture, decision making, accounting, business etc. Statistical tools help students in making means of all the data and data-related information that students come across.
Students find difficulty towards learning and mastering competencies in mathematics. In general, the students encountered problems due to negative attitude and lack of interest towards the subject or school expenses. There are various types of topics that require more material in comparison to other topics. These subjects require a lot of research work to complete their homework, in most cases; this material is not available which is the reason as to why most of the students face a major challenge in completing their work. Students often find it really hard to create their papers according to the norms suggested. They often get confused and due to the absence of an advisor they end up making an unorganized homework.
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