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Homework is a set of work given to students primarily to complete at home. Homework is given to students so that they are able to memorize what they were taught in class. Homework helps them to retain the concepts and theories they learned in school. The obvious purpose to give students homework is to enhance their practice and memorizing skills. By dedicating and organizing their time for homework, students increase their chances of acquiring higher grades. Homework help their teachers to investigate how much attentive each child is in their class. They become aware about weaknesses and strengths of their students. Homework helps them to identify their teaching skills as well. They get to know how lessons are being composed in academic sessions. Homework is quite beneficial for students. It helps them to organize and prioritize their work. They learn time-management skills. It also helps them to review their teachings. Homework is also helpful for parents as they get involved in their children’s study. They are also able to relate to the performance of their child. Students learn to work independently and develop skills like planning and organizing. They become responsible about their education. It teaches them to develop interest in various fields.
Students face numerous challenges in relation to their homework assignments. Government authorities have settled norms regarding the amount of homework given to students of different academic levels. Still students often are given more than enough homework. Students are struggling because of the poor planning and time management skills. The most common issue is that 90% of students are unaware of their writing errors. They think that they are perfect in their writing skills. Students lack self-discipline. Students need to find the motivation to follow the new educational procedures and also properly equip themselves for future challenges in their education and careers.
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