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The field of finance deals with the management of money which is necessary to survive in the economy. Without the study of finance, an individual will not be aware of the sources from where he can allocate funds and where he can invest them to get good returns. It is through the study and application of financial tools that an economy can be stabilized. The government plays the most important role in the economy and stabilizes the financial situations by generating equal salaries/wages to all levels of workers. The private sectors of business enterprises need to establish a separate department for financial heads to see to it that the company does not suffer any loss in monetary terms. The employees in the financial department help the company identify the source, investment in which can get them huge benefits. In the academic world, the study of the subject of finance is imperative to teach the students the value of money and how they can save same for emergency purposes by spending only on the necessary items. Financial knowledge is important to make a budget and spend accordingly so that all the three sectors of the economy, i.e. corporate, public, and personal, do not encounter any depression in the market.
For students, finance is another mathematical subject which will make them look like a fool. The estimation of the risk in a particular area all depends on the ability of the student to calculate accurately; even a single error changes the overall aspect of the situation. The students who dislike math are likely to run away from finance as well. Regular practice is the key to any numerical subject; however, the students do not have much time to contribute to the continuous practice as they have more than one subject to learn. The students often copy the figures from the question wrong and that is what leads to the downfall of the entire answer.
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