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A dissertation is a part of the requirement for a doctorate student. It is a methodological work which is used to document and set forward the evidence of a thesis statement. It is envisioned only for technical viewers and should be precise and complete. The dissertation is a type of formal document which is styled in order to argue the thesis statement. The thesis statement of the dissertation should be original and significant. The dissertation should be organized into four to six chapters. Students should abide by the following structure:

  • Introduction: Students should cover it to an elementary terminology. It should give citations to a suitable background and briefly discuss the related work which has already covered the characteristics of the topic.
  • Abstract model: It is a discussion of the evidence that a student is trying to prove.
  • Validation of the model: It will show a proof of the abstract model. It can be used in collecting the data.
  • Measurements/data: It includes a presentation of a number of data gathered from the Internet and other sources.
  • Additional results: In some works, there is a secondary confirmation of the research or the significant details are collected with the thesis statement.
  • Conclusions: Here, all other results will be binded together and presented. Other extensions to the future work are also described.

Writing the first-class dissertation is not a very pleasant task to do. Students generally encounter many difficulties while writing a dissertation. The common problems are:

  • Absence of resources: Students do not have proper primary resources for their dissertation. They also lack proper data for their research project.
  • Managing time: Students are involved in various activities as they also have to complete other important assignments. Therefore, they find it difficult to balance their time and make a proper work schedule.
  • Terror of failure: Students fear that they will not be able to complete their dissertation on time and they will fail to submit the project before the due date.

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