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The essays are informative piece of writings that are essential for the students to write in their academic years. The facts and controversial issues are generally addressed through the medium of essay writing. However, the essays written in academia are highly different from the ones written outside in the field of business. These two types of essays are called academic essays and technical essays. The academic essays are the types of essays that the students have to write and submit during his/her study period. The technical essays are generally written by the business employees and workers to inform the external as well as the internal officials of the firm’s performance. Academic style of essay writing can be recognized in the writings used to construct a book, a journal or the scripts of a movie. The technical writing style can be spotted in the instructions for the product use, the product launched by the company. Documents related with government, marketing, etc also uses technical style of writing. The main purpose behind academic essay writing is to inform the readers about a specific subject, thoroughly researched, analyzed, and concluded. The technical style of writing is quite personal as it is written to target the specific audience.
The students do not follow the set pattern of essay writing and end up writing the points where it does not seem appropriate and does not make sense. The inability to understand the content that the topic demands and the research tools to explore it completely is another setback to the quality of the paper. The absence of proofreading and editing capabilities has a negative impact on the writing. The students often are not able to recognize the type of essays they have to write, and ultimately write under a context that is not appropriate for the content or the topic.
Our custom essay writing service takes into account every suggestion and request of the customer to produce a paper that matches the thinking style of the student. The writers make suggestions to the customer first which will enhance their essay and is included in the writing area only after the approval of the client. The other facilities that come along with receiving a custom essay are:

  • Freedom to choose the writer: The customer at our website will not experience the tension of providing the work to the writer who has not been selected by him. We do not hover. The interview session can be held by the client to ask the questions to the writers and get a sample of their previous work.
  • Absolute anonymity: The customer does not have to think twice about their identity being revealed while availing our service because the protection of the customers’ personal details is one of our top priorities.
  • Private delivery: The delivery of the finished essay is made as per the instructions of the customer, if he/she wants it to be sent to his/her e-mail Id, it can be done without any fuss.

Assign us your writing chores and we will deliver only the best.

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