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An assignment is a major characteristic of students’ academic career. It consists of minimum twenty pages. Students have been assigned to do some sort of writing tasks in the form of an assignment since their middle school days which continues throughout their entire academic career. There are various types of assignments set at universities and each type has its own features and structures. Some examples of assignments are-

  • Research essay- it is an expanded essay that presents writers own evaluation, interpretation or argument.
  • Literature review- It is a type of scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge Involving appropriate findings, as well as methodological contributions to a particular subject or topic.
  • Project report- It is a type of document which gives an account of the project proposal to discover the prospects for the suggested activity.
  • Case study- It is a process or research into the development of a particular topic or subject over a period of time.

Assignment writing is the major important part of every student life; they cannot run away from assignments their whole academic life. As a result of it, students need to develop sufficient skills which will help them to write quality assignments. A good assignment is one which has an impressive introduction, brief details about all the important aspects of the topic.
Students are bounded by a lot of tricky assignments, which cannot be completed within a set time frame by teachers. Lack of resources is the major issue they are facing because they do not have enough resources to get the proper material to write their impressive assignments. Some students are struggling due to their poor time management skills. Some students fail to understand the concepts of the particular topics, and they realize that they cannot write anything on it. The cost of education can be challenging for every student. Some students cannot afford the tuition classes because of the high prices.
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