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Assignments are the type of tasks which require the engagement of pupils. It is a task which evaluates the knowledge of a student. While completing an assignment, students should abide by the following points:

  • Identify purpose: Students should determine how much the scores of the assignment will reckon towards the complete course grade.
  • Construct the assignment: Students should provide clear and precise instructions which will comprise of the essential background information, and description of the tasks.
  • Name each assignment carefully: It can be confusing for the students if they haven’t named their assignments appropriately.
  • Double-check the alignment: After creating the assignment, students should double check that they have done the alignment properly.
  • Consider the learning objectives: In order to determine the assignments which truly serve the objective of the course, students should write their own objectives.

Following is the checklist that a student should check before submitting his/her assignment:

  • Students should check whether they have provided a written explanation of the assignment.
  • Students should also specify the purpose of their assignment.
  • The instructions should be enunciated in a concise and explicit language.
  • The information about the relevant format and presentation should be provided. It will include page length, cover sheet, bibliography, etc.

There are many problems faced by the students while creating an assignment:

  • Lack of facts: Sometimes, the assignments are devoid of suitable facts and instances. They are full of mistakes, and pointless sentences.
  • Grammatical and sentence construction faults: Students who are not fluent in English are most likely to make such mistakes in their assignments.
  • Spelling errors: Students who try to finish their assignments in a hurry make mistakes in their spellings. They do not even proofread and edit the errors they have made in their assignment.
  • Not believing in their abilities: Students doubt themselves whether they have successfully completed their assignments or not.

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